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Out of hours emergency- 24 hour cover provided

As an accredited members of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, we are required to provide a 24 hour emergency service for our clients. The Royal College has recently re-affirmed the need for Vets to continue to do this. We’ve always taken this part of our service very seriously.

In the 29 years since Jim & Juliet started Shetland Vets, it has been quite a challenge to have a Vet available every day of the year, around the clock, especially considering Shetland’s geography & the unreliable mobile coverage! In fact, we started off with Pagers, but now we use a specialist answering service to take messages & then contact the Vet on call. Our Nurses have also been very good at coming in to help with emergencies at very unsocial hours! Many people (& their animals) over the years have been very appreciative of the service, which we are happy to provide for clients of the Practice, and also for people visiting Shetland with their pets.

Out of hours emergency number is 01595 810456


Out of hours emergency? Please telephone 01595 810456